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Portofino - Luxury villa for sale

Italy > Liguria > Genova (Genoa) > Portofino
$ 7,950,480
5 bedrooms, approximately 3229 sq ft, lot size is 26910 sq ft, swimming pool, garage Share Print
Located in Portofino. Wonderful property overlooking the sea on the Italian Riviera between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. The villa was built in 2005 as a luxurious oasis of peace and tranquility. The property is spread out over approximately 2 500 sqmof terraced land cultivated as a garden with illuminated plants and a panoramic swimming pool. The main body is composed of a large living area of 100 sqmdivided into lounge area, dining area and a small cinema. The living area has...

Portofino - Single-family home to purchase

Italy > Liguria > Genova (Genoa) > Portofino
$ 2,650,160
Single-family home for sale, 6 rooms, 5 bedrooms, approximately 3767 sq ft, garage Share Print
Villa with Private Park, Garden and Swimming Pool. This fine villa is in the most fashion site of Liguria. Seismic security. No esondabile for flood area. Italian Garden 200 sqm and 9800 sqm park. Technologies: FULL RESTORED-energy efficiency rating of A + the completed skillfully restoring keeps all historical characters, but change the palace into an "ecological & smart house" (energy efficiency rating A +) to save environment (and money) in to the future. Are included in the final price:...

Portofino - Single-family home to purchase

Italy > Liguria > Genova (Genoa) > Portofino
Single-family home for sale, 6 rooms, 5 bedrooms, approximately 7750 sq ft Share Print
The company " Demetra srl" has been engaged by the property to sell an elegant residence nestled in Portofino in a unique location overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio. Surrounded by an immense and lush garden , appropriates an entire hill and then conquer the sea , the villa is over sqm. 700 easily accessible via two paths , one for vehicles and one for pedestrians only. The land covers promontory richly covered by typical Mediterranean vegetation , olive trees, vines, oranges and native plants,...

Portofino - Single-family home for sale

Italy > Liguria > Genova (Genoa) > Portofino
Single-family home to buy, 6 rooms, 5 bedrooms, approximately 1722 sq ft Share Print
Portofino "And, behold, suddenly discover a hidden inlet, olive and brown. A small village, Portofino, spreads like a crescent moon around this quiet basin. Slowly cross the narrow passage that connects the sea this magnificent natural harbor, and we head towards the amphitheater of houses, surrounded by a mighty forest of green and fresh, and everything is reflected in the mirror of tranquil waters, where some fishing boats seem to sleep. " 1889 Guy de Maupassant The view that is lost in the...

Portofino - Apartment to buy

Italy > Liguria > Genova (Genoa) > Portofino
$ 37,102
Apartment to purchase, 1 room, approximately 431 sq ft Share Print
Portofino in Liguria to sell you a timeshare in the form of share Suite of 'Small 4-star hotel set in the bay Cannon. L 'Hotel has a Restaurant, Bar L' original design, comfort and culture will delight the living room for a week of relaxation. The room is equipped with 4 beds and a bathroom. The period is the 11 th week of 'year coincides with the' last week of April. L 'Hotel is perched above the sea, completely immersed in the typical lush greenery of the Riviera ligure.E' is a converted...
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Closest areas (within 6 miles): Chiavari, Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Camogli, Zoagli, Recco, Leivi, Avegno, San Colombano Certenoli, Pieve Ligure, Sori, Coreglia Ligure
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